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CopyAid: Copyedit with AI from a CLI

CopyAid is an open-source command-line interface (CLI) utility that copyedits text files using the OpenAI API for GPT, a Large Language Model capable of frequent, rapid, and extremely inexpensive copyediting (orders of magnitude cheaper than human copyediting).


  • Supports Markdown and LaTeX formats.
  • Integrates with text file comparison tools such as vimdiff for reviewing and merging AI revisions.
  • Enables simultaneous file comparisons across multiple AI revisions.
  • Permits customization of programs to run automatically after AI revisions.
  • Allows customization of the copyediting instructions sent to OpenAI.
  • Includes systematically tested OpenAI prompts curated from more than a hundred test prompts and many thousands of OpenAI requests using CopyBlaster.


As of January 2024, gaining access to GPT-4 Turbo will require a payment of $1 or more. As of November 2023, OpenAI offers $5 in free credit for your first 3 months. This can cover copyediting for approximately hundreds of thousands of words.


Simple Example

$ echo "Use [this sofware](htp:// to wright English good." >
$ copyaid stomp
Saving revisions to /tmp/copyaid/R?/
 for source
$ cat
Use [this software]( to write English well.

Vimdiff Example

With the default configuration, the heavy task will request a pair of revisions from OpenAI and then run vimdiff for a 3-way diff of the original source and two revisions.

$ echo "Use [this sofware](htp:// to wright English good." >
$ copyaid heavy
Saving revisions to /tmp/copyaid/R?/
 for source
3 files to edit