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How to Opt Out of Using Vimdiff

By default, many CopyAId tasks will run vimdiff when AI requests result in revisions to source text files. This guide will explain how to configure CopyAId to react differently.


To have a personalized user configuration file so that CopyAId tasks will not run vimdiff.


1) Determine Config File Locations

Determine the file locations of the default configuration and your personal configuration by using the --help option.

copyaid --help

You will see two lines of output similar to the following:

Default config: /tmp/copyaid/package/copyaid.toml
User config: /home/wang/.config/copyaid/copyaid.toml

2) Copy Config Lines

Copy the following two lines from the default config file to the user configuration file. If the user configuration file does not exist, create it.

edit-if-diff = 'diff -qs "$0" "$@" || vimdiff "$0" "$@"'

The internal command named edit-if-diff is referenced by many CopyAId tasks as a reaction to revisions returned by AI requests.

3) Modify User Config Lines

In your user configuration file, modify the edit-if-diff command line by removing the last half so that it becomes:

edit-if-diff = 'diff -qs "$0" "$@"'

Alternatively, you may replace vimdiff with another application. The "$0" expression will expand to the source file location, and the "$@" expression will expand to include all revisions returned by an AI request (which could be more than one).

For more details, see the reference.